About Malta

Fast Facts
Population: 405,165
Capital City: Valletta
Climate: Mediterranean; mild winters; hot, dry summers
Time Zone: GMT+1

Welcome to Malta, an island which offers a myriad of experiences, clear skies and magnificent weather, where sportspeople are able to experience new freedom, openness, clarity and comfort. The Maltese islands provide an authentic and unique backdrop to a variety of international cultural and sporting events that attract visitors all over the world.

Top European football teams such as Milan, Manchester United, Juventus and others choose Malta as the site for their training camps, while other athletes from around the globe gather here to prepare for major international competitions.

Travelling to Malta is easy, accommodation is plentiful, the climate is temperate even in winter, the food and drink is easy to come by and full of variety. This is why travelling to Malta is likely to be a enriching experience since tourism in the country offers a wide variety of activities and landscapes.

Malta is a small Mediterranean country, 93 km south of Sicily. The island has a mild climate and it is a very popular tourist destination all year round. The official languages in Malta are Maltese and English. The island is very rich in history and it is surrounded by beautiful blue sea and both sandy and rocky beaches. The Maltese Islands are three: the biggest one is Malta, second biggest is Gozo and the smallest island is called Comino.


Gozo is a small island of the Maltese archipelago. Compared to Malta, Gozo is more rural and known for its scenic hills and serenity. The island has a population of around 31,000 people and is rich in historical locations. The island is reachable by ferry boat and by seaplane. Gozo also has ideal conditions for various sports as well as very good facilities for sports training camps.

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